Summer Loving: Katie+Brent

Words fall short in describing the impact these two have had on us. To give you a trite and brief context, Brent and I have been friends since our sophomore years in college when we both were personal trainers at Elon’s gym. Ridiculous. Raging meatheads, but we had a blast together. And Katie is quite literally one of the only reasons I’m doing wedding photography. And for all the times people have asked us, “So who shot your wedding?!” I can confidently say, my mentor in the industry, Katie Pietrowski.

These two came down to the Outer Banx and honored us by asking us if we could do a 5 Year Dati-versary Shoot for them. It was amazeballs. They had a Champagne Duel and then jumped in a pool (in which we all almost got arrested for doing s0…but who cares).

All that to say, this meant a lot. These two mean a lot.

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