Joe + Nicole | Marin Art & Garden Center Wedding

I’ve always heard “west coast is the best coast”, but never wanted to believe it. Sure they have deserts and mountains and the Pacific ocean and Joshua Tree and the Golden Gate bridge, but it wasn’t until Ashley and I met this couple that we really started to believe it. You know us, it isn’t the sights that matter as much as the people. Joe and Nicole won our hearts to the point where we contemplated upping and moving to be around such fun, laid back, wildly joyful people.

I met Joe digitally over 5 years ago when a life as a full-time photographer was a pipe dream. Joseph’s mom and my father worked together at USAirways and they both got to chatting about their sons. Coincidentally the same age and both budding photographers, they figured why not get these two chatting. Well, it didn’t take but two email exchanges for Joe and I to figure out that the interests and passions we shared stretched far beyond photography. I couldn’t wait to meet this guy.

Then life happened. Photography picked up, I met a girl, Joe started getting acting gigs on the West Coast, he met a girl and we lost touch, until I got the message that he was engaged. Joseph, Nicole and Joseph’s mother paid me and Ashley the highest compliment we could imagine, that there was no one on either coast they would rather have document their day than us. When we heard them say that, we thought they had to be crazy. But 8 months later, Ashley and I were boarding a plane to San Francisco.

By the end of their wedding day, Ashley and I were looking at each other in disbelief. After 5 years photographing all sorts of weddings, we have come to expect the “wrench”. You know, the one thing on every day that has the possibility of ruining something. We call them wrenches, and never have we seen a day without one. Normally, it’s up to our ridiculously cool couples to dismiss the wrenches and roll with the punches, but I can’t remember a time that we didn’t have a “wrench” at all. We still haven’t decided whether Joe and Nicole were so radiantly in love that any and all wrenches that were thrown were totally eclipsed by their carefree and joyful attitudes, or if there really weren’t any wrenches at all. But no matter the case, Ashley and I were lifted for 10 beautiful hours documenting these two laugh, cry, love and dance through their wedding day. What a joy and serious honor.

  • Linda MaloneJanuary 9, 2016 - 12:55 AM

    Cole and Ashley,
    You guys made the most magical day ever even more special! Thank you for capturing all the moments of love, laughter and joy shared by our family and friends. I still believe you were the ONLY ones to create the ever lasting memories of the day and your beautiful photographs prove that belief! We are blessed to have you a part of our lives!


  • bootsJanuary 19, 2016 - 3:57 PM

    WELL DONE! This wedding is beautiful and you guys did an amazing job. I don’t even know these people and I want to know them because you make them look so cool!ReplyCancel

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