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Katherine & Garrett’s Raleigh Engagement

These two are wonderful. Katherine and I went to college together and I honestly had no clue if we would ever run intoPEEP THE REST »

Cheri & Austin // Fred Fletcher Park Engagement

I dare you not to smile whilst scrolling through these pics. Cheri & Austin are a source of joy when I look back onPEEP THE REST »

Kellynn & Patrick // Engagement

It was so fun to shoot these engagement photos! Kellynn and Patrick’s first date was at a Krispy Kreme, andPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Rachel + William // Chapel Hill Engagement

I met Rachel at school while I was working on my masters and we became instant friends! I had a blast hanging out withPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Courtney + Brett // Airport Engagement Session

These two are cute. Like way cute. They met overseas working at a university in Southeast Asia. It solidified theirPEEP THE REST »

Summer Loving: Katie+Brent

Words fall short in describing the impact these two have had on us. To give you a trite and brief context, Brent and IPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Lauren+Brian // Raleigh Engagement Session

Buddies. Ash here! As some of you know, I work in a downtown salon during weekdays. After a year at the Posh the Salon,PEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Matt + Madi // Raleigh Engagement Photos

Another amazing duo for you all. Matt and Madi’s story warms my heart because it’s different from a lot ofPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Kyle + Kent // Umstead Park Engagement

Kylie and Kent met back in 2012 at a Mellow Mushroom conference in Las Vegas. Something kind of booking snafu occurredPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Jordan + Rachel

Caring, encouraging beyond belief, gentle, kind, hilarious…these two are truly special. When I think about themPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Terhea + Terrell // Uptown Charlotte Engagement

Pretty freaking excited to share these two gems with you. I met Terhea way back in high school up in Da’ BurghPEEP THE REST »

3 Years: Erik & Katie

Katie and Erik are dear friends of ours and over the past year it has amazed us how close we’ve grown. From latePEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Danny + Macon // Durham Engagement Photos

Gentle, hilarious, fun, caring, and wildly in love…Daniel and Macon have been an absolute joy to get to know.PEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Kyle+Caitlyn // Raleigh Engagement

These two have quickly crept their way into my and Ashley’s hearts. It’s amazing to think that less than aPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Andy + Lindsay // Raleigh Engagement Session

These two are awesome. Seriously. I got the chance to meet them only about a month ago, and they’re gettingPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Eli + Kelsey // Eno River Engagement

Every single time I hear about a couple being together since High School, I am overwhelmed with awe and respect. EliPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Rachel & Connor’s East Coast ESession

I’ve had to hold onto this one for a while, and when you see it all together, you will understand why. Rachel andPEEP THE REST »

Kali+Esteban // Carrboro Engagement Photos

I don’t know what it was that won me over about these two…could have been their gentle spirits, their lovePEEP THE REST »

Anniversary Session: Jordan & Laura // Downtown Durham

We freaked out when Jordan wrote us a year later to shoot their one year anniversary. We have had the distinct pleasurePEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Hayley + Derek // New York City Engagement

I don’t even know how to go about explaining how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know these two. Hayley andPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Maggie + Phil // Topsail Beach, NC

No one has the “one-size-fits-all” recipe for love, but everyone stumbles on their own unique mixture ofPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Justin + Lauren // Chapel Hill, NC

Cole here. I know, after reading Ashley’s exquisite writing style, I totally understand why you all might be aPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Amber + Brandon // Greensboro, NC

Well hello there ladies and gents, Ash here! So excited to share this story with you! You know those people that datedPEEP THE REST »

Styled: Wool & Lights

Back in December, while our great friends Amy and Jared were planning their wedding, we realized that the sun would bePEEP THE REST »