Caitlyn & Kyle | 2 Year Anniversary

The day I heard them say “I do”, I could not have fathomed what the first two years of their marriage would hold for them. The good, the not-so-good, the terrifying, the humbling. I knew I loved them then, I loved what their marriage stood for, what their marriage represented, and how they were an encouragement everywhere they went…and now I love them more.

You see, a year ago, Kyle & Caitlyn had to endure every newlyweds worst nightmare. Or maybe you haven’t had this one, it was a new one for me, too. The nightmare where your wife of a year leaves for a mission’s trip to Nepal and you wake up one morning and hear on the news that the country has experienced a tragic earthquake, leaving hundreds and thousands dead and injured. Their story is jarring, one I don’t wish anyone to go through. Obviously Caitlyn survived, but she was changed during that experience…they both were.

When I asked them to tell me about the last two years of marriage, all that they had overcome, their responses were beautiful. I asked them both to choose a single word to describe their last two years of marriage (sounds like a tough homework assignment, huh?) But I loved hearing them explain what it was that stood out so much about their journey together thus far. The two words that they used were “reassuring” and “invigorating”, both linked closely to all of the blessings that they have seen the Lord manifest in their marriage.

I tried to play off of those words in this shoot, to visually characterize what was going on in their marriage on a heart level. “Reassuring” led me to think of the home that they’re building together, or even the the assurance they have in the Lord as the foundations of their marriage are laid, and are now proving strong enough to build a life on. “Invigorating” was a fun one to think through, and as the temperatures here in Durham start climbing, I couldn’t think of a more invigorating experience than to run and jump in a lake.

These two are champs, and I surprised them with all of this when they showed up for the shoot. They rolled with it every step of the way and made it that much better to document them two years after their wedding day. To many more years of this marriage being a beacon to the world around them. 

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