You Pick Six: Charlie & Abby // Washington D.C.

I can’t even describe the day that Charlie and Abby and myself had. It was quite a few months in the making, and when the day finally came for me to drive up to D.C. for their YouPickSix ESession, the weather granted us 45 degrees and a light drizzle all day which made for very difficult shooting conditions (to say the least). But against all the odds, Charlie and Abby stuck it out and we had a freaking blast galavanting around Arlington and downtown D.C. taking photos and getting to know one another.

Both Charlie and Abby went to Virginia Tech, but despite having the same group of friends and going to the same school, they didn’t run into one another until after they both graduated and moved into the Arlington area. A mutual friend of their’s was hosting a party to watch Virginia Tech trounce whoever their opponent was and it was at that party their fates found each other. Charlie remembers thinking to himself, “Normally I’m the loudest VT fan shouting at the football game, but I couldn’t hear my own voice over Abby’s. I liked that.” That very day, Charlie’s smooth moves landed him a phone number, and a first date. It took a few months for Charlie’s charm to wear on Abby before she settled down and officially claimed that they were exclusively dating, and before you know it, they were an item…a perfect fit.

I’m so excited to have met Charlie and Abby and really enjoyed my time up in D.C. After driving 4 hours up there, I arrived to Charlie popping the top off of a brewski and Abby pulling a pizza out of the oven for me. “We figured that you didn’t have time for lunch, so we made some for you!” I knew that I was going to be in really good hands at that point. They had some awesome ideas for photos, some of them were spoiled by the rain, but the ones we managed to get turned out incredibly! The first place was Great Falls, where Charlie proposed while they were walking their Boxer (appropriately named) Dempsey.
Dempsey’s face when an umbrella attacks him:) I taught Charlie the patented “Nuzzle” move, and he had it perfected by the first few snaps of the shutter. I don’t use this word often, but can I please say “cute”??After a long afternoon of shooting, we figured we’d stop in for a quick cocktail…love how chill they are!!!
Abby specifically asked that I would get a shot (somehow) of her showing off her Christian Louboutin’s that Charlie had gifted her for Christmas. I thought this ended up being a pretty good ad for those heels:)So excited to head back up to D.C. this weekend to photograph their wedding!!! Can’t wait to see you guys again.

Susie McCleskeyJuly 18, 2012 - 6:07 AM

Hi! Charlie’s Aunt Susie here! Love your website and blog about your engagement. Would love to see Charlie & Abby’s wedding photos. Any way I can see them? What a great time we had and meeting you two was one of the highlights! Smiles, Susie

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