She Said Yes: Courtnie & Danny // Durham, NC

It’s the best when couples bring their own flavor and flare to the photoshoot. Courtnie and Danny were definitely a couple with some awesome creative ideas and I love that about them. No matter where we were or what we were doing, they were down to try something new and add a little of their own style to it.

Courtnie and Danny met during a rafting trip through Richland Creek Church (what an awesome way to meet!) and it didn’t take too long at all for them to really hit it off. After a few months they were dating, and just last July, Danny popped the question. “I was so nervous that night, I was about to pee myself,” he said. They were taking a walk in Joyner Park at sunset, and Danny really had hoped to propose in the barn but a group of kids were caught up playing in and around the barn. Poor Danny couldn’t stall any longer, so he took her to an “overlook” right there in Joyner Park (otherwise known as a ditch with trees on the other side), and dropped to one knee. Courtnie said her first two words were, “Oh no!” I love that, because normally every couple I meet with has a hysterical story about what the girl’s first reaction was.

We had an absolute blast a few weeks ago traipsing around Durham. Another big shout-out to Molly for helping us out at the Durham Bulls Park. And thanks to Courtnie for her creativity and tenacity to gather all of the supplies necessary for lighting the little sky lanterns! We couldn’t have done it without such an awesome idea.

Custom jerseys made with their wedding date on them! We had a good laugh from the lack of grammar on the primarily Mandarine instructions for these flammable contraptions. Thankfully we could understand enough to not lose some arm or eyebrow hair.

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