She Said Yes: Claire & Harris // Columbia, SC

Claire and Harris are your true All-American couple, fashioned together in the heart of South Carolina. Harris and Claire first met at one of Harris’ college fraternity parties but were only acquaintences. Little did they know that they actually lived in the same building on the very same floor…I take that back, Harris was oblivious, but according to the story, Claire had done ample amounts of “social research” (aka Facebook stalking) and found out all about Harris before they went on their first date. Believe it or not, Harris and Claire shared their first date at one of Claire’s 80’s Themed Sorority parties (picture seen below). Something about technicolor Zumies, side-ponies, and blacklights really ignites passion, doesn’t it?

Three incredibly happy years later, Harris was ready to pop the question. “I wanted to be able to do it with our parents there”, he said, “and still be able to surprise her (she is the HARDEST person to surprise!!). That didn’t seem like it was going to be realistic since we live in Columbia, my parents in Atlanta, and her parents in Memphis. But when a weekend trip we were going on with my parents to Sapelo Island, Georgia had two spots open up, I knew that was when I wanted to do it.” So Harris invited Claire’s parents in on the surprise. Later one afternoon, Claire and Harris’ parents jumped on the early ferry across the sound and got ready to surprise them on the other side. When Harris and Claire followed them on a later ferry, right around sunset, Harris leaned over and gave Claire a ringbox. Coincidentally, he didn’t give her an engagement ring, but a ring a blue antique ring that she actually had purchased for herself, that he had sized up to fit. Quickly, Claire shot him a glance and said, “That was mean!” (Rightfully so!) But Harris wasn’t going to let that be it…only a few moments later he pulled out another ringbox, got on one knee, and as the colors danced across the Sapelo Sound, he asked her to marry him.
These guys were awesome! Ashley and I were so excited to be able to shoot their ESession around Columbia and get to know them a little more. Claire, Harris, and Tucker, we wish you both the best and hope to see you again soon!!!

Their beloved dog, Tucker.I had to include a few “Behind the Scenes” shots on this one…would you all please see the juxtaposition of these two images? Here I am working hard, sweating up a storm as I risk my life in a rundown septic facility, all to get the “money-shot”, and here Ashley is prancing around a lush field with a Pomeranian puppy in hand. What?! (Totally kidding, luh you, boo!)

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