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Legacies are stories. They are told about you, not just once, not twice, but long after you're gone. Stories told of the way you lived and the way you loved. The way you treated others and the way you invested in this world. A good legacy doesn’t happen accidentally nor does it come about easily. A good legacy, the kind worth telling, happens after a lifetime of intentionality. The leaving of a legacy happens in the distant, hazy future when all is one day said and done, but the building of a legacy happens right now—in the daily decisions, the seemingly insignificant ways you choose to put others before yourself—in the ways you choose to love. Good legacies are not haphazardly thrown together. They are built and crafted and grown intentionally, day by day. We believe that your wedding day is one moment of many moments in the building of your unique legacy as a couple. And we love documenting it so you can remember it later.

A wise man once said a good legacy starts with something as small as an acorn containing a seed. The seed remains useless and lifeless if the acorn does not sacrifice itself first. It must be broken open so the seed can grow to be something strong and and beautiful. The impact that one little acorn can make is a thousand-fold and marriage is no different. If a husband and wife can begin to sacrifice themselves to put one another first, their marriage will transform and grow and touch the lives around it for generations to come. This is why we want to document your wedding day. We want to document the moment you say “yes” to becoming a shared legacy, the moment you agree to love the one another ahead of yourself, the moment you’ll look back and say “that was the day our legacy began”.