In His Image: Marcus Kearsey // Durham, NC

September 7, 2010

I have the incredible honor of introducing a good friend of mine, Marcus Kearsey. This man has truly blessed my life over this past year with good times, great laughs, hysterical phrases, and most recently, some serious encouragement. I know that this hardly needs being said, but Marcus is incredibly gifted as both a model and a dancer. But seriously, he’s a REAL model! I was blessed enough to have him ask for some portraits and head shots before a big talent recruitment convention in Atlanta, GA this weekend. I was honored that he asked me, because I was a smidge unqualified in this particular area. But fortunately for me, this guy made my job look easier than a security guard’s at an American Knitters Convention! He was even nice enough to let me get some of my own “vision-shots” the next day.

I do hope I speak for both of us when I say, I had a blast! He was down for whatever setting and whatever look, and nailed it! Thanks a ton Marcus, and I hope this weekend exceeds your hopes and dreams.

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