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  • Alright...you guys are cute and all, but how much is this going to cost me?
    How hard is it already to make decisions about your wedding day? What shade of off-white napkins would you like? Do you want peonies, lilies, daffodils? Blahhh. We don’t want to add another crazy decision to your to-do list, so here’s how it goes...we want you to have everything you need for your wedding day to be fully documented. Boom. That’s it. So each photographer’s base comes with 8 hours of coverage, 2 shooters, the rights to the photos & an Engagement Session. Cole and Brett are running at $4000 and Jake at $3500. How’s that for simple!?

    But wait, what about family photos?
    We are so glad that you asked! After shooting weddings for a combined 15 years, it struck us that we want so badly to grow with our couples! So this year we adopted the idea that we want to document you as your legacy continues. We capture all sorts of photo shoots that happen long after the wedding day is over; anniversary sessions, maternity sessions, birth photos, newborns and families. We know that the real work in your family is just beginning once the wedding day is over, which means our’s is too! We want to be there at every bend and juncture of your story. For more information, shoot Brett an email at brett@bleststudios.com and check out the blog for more examples!

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    Do you guys offer any discounts?
    We unfortunately do not. Though we have the utmost respect for the sacrifices of those in our military, and those living on mission around the world, we have meticulously organized our prices to be a value to you, and keep our lights on. With that being said, we do offer some destination discounts. And Cole says that he will accept payment in the form of a motorcycle (Triumph, Harley, or Indian only). So if you plan on getting married or having a photoshoot done in any of the following locations, you can certainly expect a lil’ sum’n-sum’n in the form of a discount:

    New Mexico
    Salt Flats in Utah
    Any exotic beach outside the U.S.
    Iceland (I hear it’s cheap to have a wedding there *wink wink*)
    South Africa...or anywhere in Africa, really.
    Australia/New Zealand (We’ll name our firstborn child after you)
    The moon

    What’s your "style" of photography?
    Our style could be summed up as “organic”. Yeah...kind of a buzzword. But what we mean is, we’re not down with changing who you are. The photos are going to look like you and represent you. There are flares of editorial and fashion but for the most part, we approach everything we do with a longing to document the true essence of the subject we photograph. We edit most of our photos to look like film photographs and probably always will.

    Do you travel?
    Is the Pope Catholic? Absolutely!

    Where are you all based?
    Bull City, North Cackalacky aka Durham, NC

    How can we book you for our day?
    Simple...shoot us an email!

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    Don't you just love Pinterest?
    We do...just not when it comes to wedding photography. Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is an incredible tool when used properly, to help shape the big picture what a bride and groom are going for, but things get sticky when couples want photos they see copied and recreated. We ain’t down with that.

    What are your feelings about iPads at weddings?
    They should stay at home. We actually might Jackie Chan karate kick any iPad protruding from a ceremony aisle on the wedding day. You were warned.

    Will you take a photos of my rings?
    We will do our best to capture the details of inanimate objects like rings, flowers, etc. but we care more about capturing your father tearing up as you walk down the aisle, or your grandmother busting a move on the dance floor or the subtle moment when your spouse just can’t help staring at you from across the room. Those are the moments and the shots we live for.

    You can Photoshop that out, right?
    It depends on what you mean. A zit? Absolutely. A receding hairline? Not so much. Here’s the deal, cup sizes, waistlines, hairlines, and age will all remain untouched.

    Will I get a sneak peek of anything before the photos are delivered?
    Definitely! We try to drop a sneak peek of every shoot we do on either Instagram of Facebook, so make sure you’re following both to stay up to date.

    Should we do a First Look?
    Brett says yes, absolutely. She feels that it creates genuine, pure moments that she utterly loves to capture. Cole & Jake are impartial because they see those moments happen at the ceremony as well, as long as the day is planned accordingly with enough time for all of the photos to get done.

    Why isn’t there a blog entry for my wedding?
    With the number of weddings, bridals, and engagements we all shoot we can’t promise to blog them all but we can promise you we’ll try.

    How can you ensure we get good photos of us on our wedding day?
    We try to prioritize those “golden hours” on your wedding day and we ask for you to let us in on your planning so that we can insure we get at least 20 minutes with you two during that creamy, dreamy, magical time slot to rock out your portraits. An easy way to plan, is set aside 20 minutes an hour before sunset.

    I get that you’re “organic”, but do you take formal portraits on the day of?
    We do indeed. We know that you’ll want organized photos of your bridal parties and families to document all of the important people there celebrating your big day. We just don’t normally put them on the blog.

  • Wait, so Brett is a girl?
    Yup. Is your mind blown?

    Do you have a life outside of weddings?
    Eh...that’s debatable.

    What do y'all do besides taking photos?
    On our days off, you might find Cole trying to kill himself at Crossfit or catching up on Netflix, Jake with his nose in a book and enjoying the latest hipster playlist on Spotify, and Brett knitting potholders on a plane traveling to one of the exotic locations on her Bucket List.

    What is Cole's favorite beer?

    Will Cole accept bourbon as a form of payment?
    Probably, just don’t tell his wife.

    Is Jake or Brett a bigger coffee snob?
    They just Rock-Paper-Scissored...Brett won.

    Wait, I feel like I have seen Jake before?
    Jake is somewhat of a local celebrity. If you’ve ever visited Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub on a Wednesday night, you might have seen him running his weekly night of trivia. If that’s the case, then you also saw all of his patrons scratching their heads and cursing him under their breath because of how impossibly difficult his questions are.

    Is this your full time job?
    We sure do try to make this our only job but in the winter you may find Cole tending to his Etsy shop for homemade finger puppets.

    Are you Canon or Nikon?
    Canon. But if you gave us a disposable camera, we’d still kick booty with it.

    Where does the name “Blest” come from? Do you know you spelled it wrong?
    Yeah, we know it’s odd. We chose the name because we love what we do. It is truly a gift from God, and we try our darndest to never take it for granted. It’s incredible to be in a job that we can take such little credit for. We don’t create the subjects, the light, the cameras, or the environment, so it doesn’t make sense for us to take the credit. It’s all the Lord.

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    The spelling actually came from what we affectionately refer to as “Cole’s Dark Ages”, when he ran around graffiting the sides of buildings in college. His graffiti name was “Mest” and he had a partner in crime (who shall not be named as to protect him from the law). His buddy’s tagname was “Blank”, so when they did murals together, they combined their names to make “Blest”.