In His Image: Anna Simpson // Charlotte, NC

I have been so stoked by the brides that I’ve been blessed enough to work with. Let me tell you something, we don’t have Bridal Portraits where I come from. When someone asked me to do that, I honestly had to Google it, because I’d never heard of such a thing before in my life. What I thought was going to be a painful chore of taking uber-traditional, stale portraits, has ended up being one of my favorite kinds of shoots that I do, but not because of me, because of the brides that have graced me with their creative presence!

Anna is one of those brides! From the moment I shook hands with her, I could tell that this girl was low-key, down to earth, and really laid back. We knew what we had come to do: to capture some nice, somewhat traditional portraits for her wedding day. But when we captured those, the shoot took on a totally different style. I was stoked to watch Anna become more and more comfortable in front of the camera, and her true self come out as the shutter continued to click. She transformed. When we had achieved what we had planned, she let her hair down (literally) and really started to work it for the camera. Ashley and I left feeling completely energized and could hardly contain ourselves from going home and editing the photos immediately.

Thank you, so much, Anna for this amazing shoot, and for being so cool, and letting Ash and I express some creativity, despite how awkward it seemed at the time.:)Hope you all enjoy.

IzzyJune 14, 2012 - 2:09 PM

She looks gorgeous (and buff)!!!!! Beautiful photos.. Especially love the ones in the field!

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