Hitched: Phil + Liz // Raleigh, NC

Cool people excite me…I’m just going to throw that out there. People who take a totally different approach to traditional things and think OUTSIDE THE BOX, they make me happy, and giddy! Do you all remember Liz & Phil? If not, you NEED TO CLICK HERE! Their E-Session explains so much of their beautiful story. Liz and Phil’s wedding was an unbelievable day, complete with gut-busting laughter, and also tears of unadulterated joy and awe of our Creator.

When I walked away from CAM that night, camera bag in hand, the debris of the whirlwind of a day finally settling all around, I was astounded by how Christ-centered Phil and Liz’s day really was. Watching the people surround them, witnessing their covenant to one another before God, reminded me just how deep the commitment between man and woman really is. Phil and Liz didn’t take lightly the weight of commitment they were making, and as a result they turned their attention to Christ, knowing, loving and worshipping His commitment to us first. Liz chose to walk down the aisle to the entire congregation singing the old hymn “Nothing But The Blood”. After Liz had reached the alter, and the congregation continued singing, I had to lower my camera, just for a second, in the beauty of that moment. I was overwhelmed hearing the words pour forth from the mouths of their loved ones, “Oh! precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow; No other fount I know, Nothing but the blood of Jesus.” It doesn’t happen very often, but in that moment tears welled up in my eyes as my understanding of who Christ really is, reached a new depth.

His presence was there, throughout their entire day! Even in the beauty of the celebration of their commitment was pure joy. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I did!

Big shout out to:

Second Shooter – Lavon Gibbs

Venue – CAM of Raleigh

Florist – Tracy with Springwell Gardens

Videographer – Mason Bednarczyk

Liz’s girls were taking care of her by feeding her pretzels to make sure she didn’t smear her recently applied lipstick. Now that is love! And Phil’s groomsmen made sure to style his hair appropriately for the big day. Liz’s only request was that we got a pic of the boys “Parkour-ing”. And here they are! I was rattled by how quickly the sun went down and how little light was left for some outdoor portraits of the gals, but thankfully, it turned out to be an unbelievable sunset and just enough light to capture these beautiful ladies! Love this shot!Thanks again, Phil and Liz (otherwise known as “Phliz”) for the honor of being a part of your beautiful day!

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