Tim & Paige | Rickhouse Wedding

I still remember seeing the two of them in church, sitting side by side. After 4 years photographing couples, it’s easy to spot the ones we know are special, and these two are special. Paige and Tim have dated for a long, long time and the day had finally come for them to say “I do”. When Tim proposed, I remember walking up to him the next Sunday morning and saying, “I’ve waited since our first time in this church to photograph your wedding…no pressure.” We laughed until I said, “…but seriously.” When I got the phone call to ask if we were available, I was really thankful that I hadn’t scared him off just yet and overjoyed to be a part of their day.

Paige sat me down and looked across the table, painting the picture of her day: bright colors, flowing dresses, very Frida Kahlo. And my mind exploded. These two were so good looking you could have put them in trash bags under a bridge and we would have had a ball. But sure enough, her vision came to life. It was stunning.

Housed at the beautiful Rickhouse in Bull City, North Cackalacky, we danced the night away as Tim & Paige’s love and adoration for one another (and those around them) shined brighter than anything else. I loved it, and am ecstatic to be sharing the day with you all.

Shout Outs to all the Incredible Vendors: 

Julie Robbins Makeup & Face Stylings

The Rickhouse

  • Sabrina JackAugust 22, 2016 - 11:12 AM

    I love how you captured the one of the happiest events of our lives. It was lovely. We really did have a good time.


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