Nick & Elizabeth’s Lake Gaston Engagement

I love their story. Not because it’s 100% perfect, but because it’s imperfect. So many times, the stories that bring us together have these beautiful birthmarks that remind us that there is something so much bigger at work. For instance, when Nick and Elizabeth first met at school that first year, even though Nick & Elizabeth’s classrooms were next door to each other, Elizabeth couldn’t and wouldn’t warm up to Nick. She thought he was brash, short, and prickly. But it just so happened to be Nick’s first week as a teacher…ever. He was stressed, completely frazzled with having to plan a curriculum, learn a class roster for the first time, meet new teachers, and somehow manage to impart wisdom to a young and impressionable generation. Elizabeth had been at it for a year or so at that point, so she had some experience. But poor Nick was frazzled the first year, and pretty much kept his head down in order to get through it.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the following year that Nick actually opened up to Elizabeth and mentioned all of the anxiety surrounding that first year. He apologized if he had come across as brash or harsh, and in an instant, Elizabeth forgot everything she had thought. It took a little while, but eventually these two began to date.

A little while later, Nick popped the question, but Elizabeth tells the story so much better than I could…

“So, Nick and I had been in meetings all day and decorating our classrooms for the ice cream social that evening to have students drop off supplies and say hello to parents and students. Nick and I had been planning on going to our favorite Restaurant Lucky 32 as an end of the summer dinner before school, and we were going that evening. After meeting the families and me getting a little mad Nick bolted after the meeting and didn’t help me with my classroom, which I later discovered was because he went to the jeweler to pick up the ring since the jeweler emailed him during the meetings that the ring he designed was ready, we went to have a great dinner. At dinner we had a little tiff but quickly resolved it, which I again later discovered he didn’t want to propose at the restaurant after the fight we had and he was afraid my reaction would be over the top and disrupt peoples’ dinners. So, we came back to my apartment, and I relaxed as Nick was fumbling with his book bag and walking into the other room with it, which I didn’t understand why. He then came out with a card and put on our favorite song, and I didn’t think anything of it as I was reading the card because I love hand written cards. Nick then said at the end of the card that he forgot something to say in it, and he went down on one knee and proposed.  I thought he was joking and kept asking “Is this for real?” I was so excited jumping around and surprised I wasn’t balling my eyes out, since I cry at commercials! It was the most exciting night, and I will never forget it!”

To me, this is perfect. Not because there wasn’t a single wrinkle, but because love can conquer amidst our mess. That to me is beautiful. I loved spending a day with these two. We drove to Lake Gaston, one of their favorite hangouts, and we spent the afternoon having a lakeside ChickFilA lunch, reliving a special date at one of their favorite wineries, and driving around and getting lost as the sun touched the horizon. It was an ideal day with an ideal couple.

  • Carol WolffApril 22, 2015 - 5:09 PM

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