Lone Ranger Styled Shoot by Swanky Elephant Design

Wow, do I have a treat for you guys. Do you remember these two? Lauren & Justin from the eclectic Chapel Hill ESession a few months back? Or even their incredible Duke Chapel/Gardens wedding back in January? Yeah, they’re back in action on the blog, but with a totally different flare. Over the last few months, Ashley and I have been so proud and so excited for Lauren & Justin, because Lauren is stepping out and chasing after a dream she’s had for a long time. Lauren just started a wedding design business called Swanky Elephant. And for her first trick, she put together Amber & Brandon’s backyard Americana ESession, and absolutely killed it. For her second trick, Lauren nailed her first styled shoot with the help of some friends. Her theme, you ask? The Lone Ranger. Yup, that’s right…we’re talking a real life, Lone Ranger Styled Shoot complete with all the “Hi-ho-Silver” action and a rocking female Tonto…the whole bit! Not to mention it all took place in a mini replica of an old Western town. It was truly unbelievable. But instead of me rambling on about this, I figured that I would turn it over to Lauren to introduce herself, her company, and this outstanding shoot.

1. Introduce yoself!
“My name is Lauren Frances Pack Cox (it’s ok if you giggled at my last names, I do every time!).
I am a Jesus-loving, Fred Astaire-obsessed, caffeine-dependent, anthropologically-educated girl born in the North and raised and refined in the South.”
2. Tell us one thing that everyone should know about you.
I will never turn down a hot cup of coffee or a cold glass of beer.
3. What is “Swanky Elephant” all about?
It’s about the creativity and individuality of the couple. It’s about making your vision a reality with hard work and creative thinking.
I am just as excited if a bride comes to me with an organized list of ideas she wants me to make sure gets done as I am if she comes to me with one idea
and no clue how to move forward. I love a challenge. But most of all, Swanky Elephant is about making a day destined by God come together to
best show everyone the love and joy He created between two people.
(Keep reading for more of the interview!)

4. What was your inspiration behind the Lone Ranger shoot?

The concept was a real challenge at first. I referred to my husband because he is such a Western fan and soon the ideas sprung forth.

I wanted to bring something from the West coast to this side of the country. The East coast has done country Western,

what we put together was Western country.

5. What made you want to start designing weddings for a living?

It’s just so much fun! One of my majors in college was anthropology (the other being music) and people and their cultures, quirks, and sheer humanity fascinate me.

I get to meet new people and hear their wonderful stories and then I get to focus my attention on highlighting their style.

The best part is getting to share their wedding day with them.“Wow! Am I allowed to be this happy? Who am I and what have I done to be this blessed by God?!”

6. What is your favorite TV series?
The Golden Girls!
7. Who is playing on your iPod right now?
Rotating between Phantom Planet, Family Force Five, and the Django soundtrack.

8. Who’s your favorite superhero and why?

Batman!! I love him because he wasn’t born with supernatural talents (except money, duh) and he had to make himself into someone special.
I also liked Wolverine from an early age because I’m a Michigan fan and he is not only named for our mascot but he wears our colors!!!


And last, but certainly not least, we have to give a YUUUUGGEEEEEEEE shout out to all of our amazing vendors and friends who helped this thing become a reality:

Design & Coordination: Swanky Elephant Planning & Design

Hair & Makeup: Kelsey Nethercott, hosted at Posh the Salon in Durham

Flowers: Tracy at Springwell Gardens

Tonto: Dora Hariggitai

The Lone Ranger: Stacy David Morris

Dresses: Carolina Bridal World in Smithfield

Venue: ShadowHawk Ranch by Wild Bill

Here’s a little behind the scenes of all of us: 

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    Great job guys! If you ever have a bride in need of some custom jewelry or a brooch bouquet give me a holla! Thanks FrankieReplyCancel

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