Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Allie & Greg | The Cotton Room

Allie and Greg have been a blast to work with and photograph, from their first meeting, to their mountaintop engagement session at Pilot Mt., all the way up through their Harry Potter themed wedding at the Cotton Room. Even more than all of that, it has been amazing to get to know these two wonderful and incredibly genuine human beings. So many people look at our photos and say “I’m just not photogenic like those people”. But what they don’t know is that everyone says that and yet, more beautiful people are captured in front of our lenses week in and week out.

You see, it isn’t about being photogenic, it is about being in love. Greg and Allie are in love. Despite them telling me in the first meeting that they think they are super awkward, all I needed was for them to be in love with each other in front of the camera.

Their day was incredible, funky, out of the ordinary, laced with magic, and was chalk full of odes to Hogwarts. They had every detail thought for: copper wand seating placements, hanging candle lanterns, Love Potion and Butterbeer, a little Sorting Hat resting atop a macaroon mountain, and Greg even brewed his own Veritas Serum and Polyjuice Potion as parting gifts.

Greg wrote me a few weeks before the wedding and asked if I would help him surprise Allie with a mini photo shoot on the day they went to retrieve their wedding license. The photos were awesome and the surprise was priceless. It was a rainy day, but you couldn’t tell based on the smiles on their faces.

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