Greg + Allie | Pilot Mount Engagement

In all hopes of not ranting until I’m blue in the face, I simply want to hold up a couple who exemplifies all of our passions through and through. Lately, after the Pinterest phenomenon has taken over, people have stopped thinking about what makes their stories unique, what makes them who they are, which is why we get on our soap box every time we meet with a couple to tell them that all we need from them is to be themselves! Don’t try recreating what someone else has done, you do you, boo. Are you laughy? Then laugh. Are you serious? Then scowl (not really, just chill). Are you preppy? Then pop the collar on your neon polo. Are you a hipster? Show me your tats and get moody with me. All that to say, Greg and Allie embodied everything that we want in a couple, not because we have this ideal couple in mind in terms of how they look, dress, or what they like doing. But because they own who they are!

In our first meeting together, Greg shocked me with a question I have never been asked before. He wiggles in his seat a little bit, looks at me sheepishly and asks, “So what do you do with awkward people? As you could probably tell, Allie and I are…well, awkward.”

As I laugh to the point of tears, I almost get up and give him a hug for asking. I respond confidently, “Greg, that’s the beauty of this whole thing. If you guys are awkward, then it is my job to make awkward look beautiful (which I already naturally think that it is). All I am doing is documenting your beautiful personalities, that’s it!” Both Allie and Greg nod in understanding and you could have felt the weight lift off of their shoulders.

You see, they owned it in that moment and they were relieved that I wasn’t trying to make them something else.

Now, a little bit about the couple, Greg and Allie met at the University of Rochester (yankees just like me!) and they knew something special was there. They both came down to the Durham area to pursue work and graduate school and somewhere along the way, they picked up a furry and wildly adorable third member to their family, their cute poodle pup, Tiki. So as we dug into their story during that initial meeting, and as Greg recounted the day he proposed to Allie on the peak of Pilot Mountain as their friends, who had unfortunately received improper coordinates, were circling the mountain below trying to find them to take some photos of the occasion. I stopped them right then and said, “that is where we’re going for your engagement session!” They looked at each other, then looked back at me and with bright eyes responded, “we hadn’t even thought about that! That’s perfect!”

So there we were, only a few weeks after on a crisp, cloudless wintery day with Tiki and 3 mesmerizing outfits by both of them. The “magic” was in the air and I couldn’t have had more fun with them. They were down for anything, even standing on a cliff at sunset as the sub-30 degree wind whipped them both to the point of tears and a little bit of involuntary snot. But my, oh my, was it the most gorgeous sight.

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