Gina + Matt | Charleston, SC

People don’t believe us when we say that our percentage of “Bridezillas” is probably less than 5%. Not only that, but the percentage of couples that end up being some of our closest friends is ridiculously high! It’s hard not to when you spend 12 months planning with a couple for an incredibly special and intimate day, and then you spend every waking moment that day with them. The bond grows and inevitably stays.

It hit me a couple days after their wedding, when they posted a pic from their photo booth with myself and Zach saying “When your photographers end up becoming some of your favorite guests”, that this job really is a deep honor. That we’re often the last people that see the bride before she walks down the aisle, the first people that see a couple when their newborn enters the world. We get glimpses into some of the most intimate moments in these peoples’ lives, and it blows me away when I think about it.

Ahh, and these two beautiful people deserve to know how wonderful it was to witness their day! Charleston, SC on July 1st. It had to have felt like 120 degrees with 400% humidity. Everywhere we walked we made a swimming motion, because it felt as though the air was as dense as a body of water. Zach even quipped that Gold Bond would make a killing if their extreme version was titled “Charleston Strength”. And yet, Gina & Matt’s joy couldn’t be stifled. It was amazing to watch their loved ones reflect the joy that these two had, and despite all of us sweating like 500lb linebackers in a ballet class, the smiles and laughter never stopped.

We laughed, we danced, we hugged, and at the end of the day, we were overwhelmed with gratitude that we were the ones that got to document it all. 

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