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Riley & Allen | Corolla, NC

This oddly warm February has me thinking about beach weddings and all the unknowns that come with them! WhoPEEP THE REST »

Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Allie & Greg | The Cotton Room Allie and Greg have been a blast to work with and photograph, from their firstPEEP THE REST »

Andrew & Sara | Durham Museum of Life and Sciences Wedding

There are a lot of things about weddings that I love, but maybe my favorite is seeing two different cultures collide inPEEP THE REST »

Casey & Derek | The Bradford Wedding

You all know that we at Blest are all about the unpredictable, inimitable, and completely non-self-conscious emotionsPEEP THE REST »

Abbi & Johnathon | Spartanburg, SC

I have had the pleasure of knowing Abbi for many years. My baby sister and her have been friends since kindergarten soPEEP THE REST »

Nick + Carey | Mystic Yachting Center Wedding

Afternoon light streamed in through the sides of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Memorial Chapel. I promise you –PEEP THE REST »

Anna + Matt | Downtown Durham Wedding

One of the most rewarding experiences—arguably the most rewarding—is when a person’s view of themselves isPEEP THE REST »

Connie + George | Denver, CO

If you know me (Brett) you know that I love to travel. I will go anywhere anytime. Traveling for weddings is always anPEEP THE REST »

Dallas + David | Pilot Mt. NC

You can learn a lot about a couple from their wedding photos. Take Dallas & David — that awesome blend ofPEEP THE REST »

Kaitlin + Shawn | Raleigh, NC

When I initially meet ever couple I explain to them, that over the years of wedding photography, I have learned thatPEEP THE REST »

Anna + Zach | Nashville, TN

Joy, laughter, dancing, style, Nashville, whiskey, foxes, Corgis. This was destined to be a good day to begin with andPEEP THE REST »

Sydney + Caleb | Athens, GA

From the very start since I first met these two, their joy filled everyone around them. Their love for the Lord wasPEEP THE REST »

Gina + Matt | Charleston, SC

People don’t believe us when we say that our percentage of “Bridezillas” is probably less than 5%.PEEP THE REST »

Ben + Taylor Video | Hilton Head, SC

Ben & Taylor Highlights (w/logo) from Blest Studios on Vimeo.PEEP THE REST »

Tim & Paige | Rickhouse Wedding

I still remember seeing the two of them in church, sitting side by side. After 4 years photographing couples,PEEP THE REST »

Erica & Shawn | Rand-Bryan House Wedding

Over the last few months, I have really enjoyed getting to know Erica & Shawn. As I got to glimpse into theirPEEP THE REST »

Samantha & Kevin | Chapel Hill, NC

From a chance meeting in middle school in Chapel Hill to being asked out in ninth grade, Samantha and Kevin are thePEEP THE REST »

Emily + Rigo | San Miguel de Allende Wedding

We at Blest discuss wedding details and timelines with every couple before the big day. The same was obviously truePEEP THE REST »

Ryan & Regan | Oklahoma City Wedding

Ryan and Regan have been my good friends for a few years now. Their story is a good one – he was interested yearsPEEP THE REST »

Ruth & Ryan // Philadelphia, PA

In 2015, I learned so much about relationships and the value of connection. This year we really honed in on emphasizingPEEP THE REST »

Taylor & Tyler | Richmond, VA Wedding

I feel like every tim eI step up to write the entry to each of our couples, I’m overwhelmed by how awesome theyPEEP THE REST »

Mike + Jenna | Raleigh, NC

I am so excited to share Mike & Jenna’s wedding! Blest was able to do both the photos and the video. I knewPEEP THE REST »

Joe + Nicole | Marin Art & Garden Center Wedding

I’ve always heard “west coast is the best coast”, but never wanted to believe it. Sure they havePEEP THE REST »

Chris + Irene | Raleigh, NC

Tradition has its place in every wedding, and we love seeing each wedding day reflect an institution, a timelessPEEP THE REST »