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All Wedding’s Cole Has shot

Nick & Elizabeth’s Lake Gaston Engagement

I love their story. Not because it’s 100% perfect, but because it’s imperfect. So many times, the storiesPEEP THE REST »

Katherine & Garrett’s Raleigh Engagement

These two are wonderful. Katherine and I went to college together and I honestly had no clue if we would ever run intoPEEP THE REST »

Cheri + Austin // Starlight Meadow Wedding

It was hot. Really hot. We were taking pictures outside, but not for more than 5 minutes at a time before we were allPEEP THE REST »

Cheri & Austin // Fred Fletcher Park Engagement

I dare you not to smile whilst scrolling through these pics. Cheri & Austin are a source of joy when I look back onPEEP THE REST »

Sammy Jo & Chais // Weymouth Center Wedding [Southern Pines Wedding]

Fall weddings always seem to win my heart; something about the crisp air, earthy colors, and warm layers. Sammy JoPEEP THE REST »

ICM in Thailand

It was a crisp, sunny September day when I got the call. I had given up any sort of hope, mainly to protect myself fromPEEP THE REST »

Brett & Courtney [Rock of Ages Winery Wedding]

I can without a doubt say that I have never stated this before, that there isn’t a single thing I would havePEEP THE REST »

Kylie + Kent // Asheville Wedding

Kylie and Kent’s wedding was astounding, mainly due to how relaxed, calm and confident they were about the stepPEEP THE REST »

Brian & MJ Beckman // Portland Wedding

There are people in this world who actually change it. Lots of people dream about investing their life in somethingPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Courtney + Brett // Airport Engagement Session

These two are cute. Like way cute. They met overseas working at a university in Southeast Asia. It solidified theirPEEP THE REST »

Summer Loving: Katie+Brent

Words fall short in describing the impact these two have had on us. To give you a trite and brief context, Brent and IPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Rachel+Jordan // Durham Elopement

These two are all about love. Never in the years I’ve known them, and been their friend have I once seen anythingPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Eli+Kelsey // Winmock Wedding

Eli and Kelsey blew us away from the first meeting to their Engagement Session, all the way through the wedding day.PEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Victoria+Patrick // Cotton Company Wedding

I loved loved loved loved this day. Ash and I had such a great time following these two around as they said “IPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Matt + Madi // Raleigh Engagement Photos

Another amazing duo for you all. Matt and Madi’s story warms my heart because it’s different from a lot ofPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Kyle + Kent // Umstead Park Engagement

Kylie and Kent met back in 2012 at a Mellow Mushroom conference in Las Vegas. Something kind of booking snafu occurredPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Jordan + Rachel

Caring, encouraging beyond belief, gentle, kind, hilarious…these two are truly special. When I think about themPEEP THE REST »

She Said Yes: Terhea + Terrell // Uptown Charlotte Engagement

Pretty freaking excited to share these two gems with you. I met Terhea way back in high school up in Da’ BurghPEEP THE REST »

Water Harvest

Our last post on South Sudan is difficult to even put into words. Our focus with this entry is to show you all the workPEEP THE REST »

3 Years: Erik & Katie

Katie and Erik are dear friends of ours and over the past year it has amazed us how close we’ve grown. From latePEEP THE REST »

Unsung Heroes

2011 marked a magnificent yet daunting year for Sudan. The states making up the majority of the southern part of thePEEP THE REST »


WEEK ONE IN SOUTH SUDAN You may remember reading the hellacious ordeal that Cole and I underwent just to arrive inPEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Lindsay + Andy // Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Joy. No matter what time of day it is, no matter the circumstances, Lindsay and Andy exude joy. If you remember thePEEP THE REST »

Hitched: Joseph + Ana Joel // Long Island Wedding

They met in Paris. She’s from Canada and him from Kentucky. He was serving a semester abroad for his Art HistoryPEEP THE REST »