Anna + Zach | Nashville, TN

Joy, laughter, dancing, style, Nashville, whiskey, foxes, Corgis. This was destined to be a good day to begin with and it exceeded every expectation. I don’t know if you remember this beautiful couple’s Nashville Engagement Session or not, or maybe you recognize them from Zach’s younger brother’s wedding a few years ago, but every time I step up to photograph this family, these people, I’m blown away by a) how much fun I have with them b) how fantastic they all look on camera c) how truly in love they are.

Our goal as photographers is never to be a “fly on the wall” or “spectator” or even “pure photojournalist”. We want to act like guests at the wedding and document as it all unfolds. It’s the only way that people truly act normally around you. Sometimes, we must admit, it’s hard to act that way. But then there are times that it feels as natural as blinking. It just happens. You walk in and there the bride and groom are (in their respective rooms, of course), and you seamlessly meld into the wedding day. You don’t feel out of place, but you feel genuinely invited in, welcomed as a beloved guest of the very special occasion. Anna & Zach have welcomed us in since the very first phone call, and their radical love and hospitality has only grown since then. Just like I said in the last post, we love when we photograph every couple, but we love when those couples become friends.

Zach & Anna, we can’t wait to watch your marriage unfold and to watch both the small & large ways you both choose the other over yourselves. We can’t wait to watch your radical love grow into something that naturally pours out on the people around you and snowballs, touching anyone in your vicinity. We were honored to be there to watch you say “I do”, and can’t wait to continue to watch your legacy grow. Thank you.

Huge shout outs go to:
Zach Taylor, my amazing second shooter.
The Cordelle
Ashley with Sweet James Events
Melissa with Savoir Faire Floral Design

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