3 Years: Erik & Katie

Katie and Erik are dear friends of ours and over the past year it has amazed us how close we’ve grown. From late night Settlers of Catan games, to midnight showings of action movies, all the way to true community; encouraging one another in love and faith. Today is their third year anniversary and we’re so excited for them. We wanted to take pics to celebrate, because so often too much emphasis is put on the wedding day, the hoopla of the ceremony and all the details and the reception, but afterwards, couples are left deflated with a sense of “now what?!” In our minds, the wedding is just the first benchmark, but in no way deserving of most celebration. When the glitter fades, and the honeymoon season wears off, what celebration is going to keep you going?? What magical pixie dust keeps you fighting in the trenches for a healthy marriage?

Every anniversary celebrated is a day worthy of extravagant celebration, debatably more than the wedding day itself! 

Every year you spend with your spouse is a year that you fight to become more compatible to one another. Compatibility is a myth that sadly, too many people are buying into. We firmly believe that you will always marry the wrong person, because we’re all flawed! It’s the choice, the daily choice to marry one another again and again; to choose one another over your own self. To lay down your life for one another.

We’re here to celebrate with Erik & Katie and we’re stoked out of our mind’s for their anniversary and the marriage that they have built. They have been a big inspiration for us and have shared so much wisdom to help us in our own journey. In lieu of this big day, I wanted for each Ashley and I to share what they have shown us about marriage.

Cole: Erik has shown me a ton about pursuing and protecting his wife. Every time we sit down and hang out, he reveals something he has learned about Katie. Too often I believe the misconception that once you have dated your wife or learned a few things about her, you get to stop and coast. Erik has shown me that learning and dating his wife is an ongoing process, one that causes constant sanctification in his own life as well as hers. As he constantly pursues her and constantly strives to learn her, he is finding out better ways to lead and love her. 

Ashley: With Erik as a former boss and Katie as a great friend, I’ve learned about intentionality in marriage through the McKees. Whether it meant saying no to a few things at work they could have squeezed in, or planning dates or daytrips, Katie and Erik show me so much about making time together a priority instead something you pencil in from time to time. They make it a point to choose each other with planned intentionality, and it’s so encouraging and instructional for me as a wife.

Much much love goes out to:

Lauren Simmons of Posh the Salon for Katie’s Hair & Makeup

Laura Bruck of Posh the Salon for Erik’s Hair

Katie McKee herself for all of the Styling & Design 

One of the highlights of the last few months has been the opportunity to walk alongside Katie and E as Katie (finally) pursues her own interior design business. She’s got mad skill and we’ve known this since day one, but too often it takes a little while before you can believe what everybody is telling you, right? So we really wanted to showcase some of Katie’s wild talent in this shoot. We let her have free reign to design a space to use as a backdrop and this the awesomeness that she came up with. Table and chairs were thrifted and totally redesigned by her. Crazy right?? Stay tuned…she’s about to blow up.We’ve kept this under wraps for a while now, but we’ve been taking a myriad of film cameras out with us into the field to really perfect our craft. This is one of the first shoots I feel totally excited to show everyone. All of the following images were photographed with a Mamiya 645 on Kodak Portra 400 processed at Raleigh’s own, SouthEastern Camera. LOVE this stuff!

  • BetsyApril 3, 2014 - 3:53 PM

    the 5th one from the bottom is my fav! Looks like a editorial shot in a magazine.:)ReplyCancel

  • Nicholas CongerApril 4, 2014 - 11:56 AM

    Wow…so many great shots. Hard to pic a favorite!

    Kate’s proud dad and Erik’s proud father-in-law,

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