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  • Cole Gorman  

    My first wedding inquiry popped into my inbox while I was sitting in a tent somewhere in rural South Sudan. I remember thinking to myself, “Is this person crazy?” I had been on a photo assignment after I graduated college and never had the thought of documenting weddings crossed my mind. But I had to admit that it sounded pretty cool. After my stint in Africa ended, I got back to the states and realized that the photography itch wasn’t going away. So, I took a stab at weddings and an engagement shoot or two...and even though they weren’t pretty, I was hooked! The joy of each moment, the rush of only having one chance, and the opportunity to tell an incredible story every weekend had me hook, line and sinker.

    I'm a straight shooting dork from the North who has a secret obsession with dinosaurs, a not-so-secret obsession with music, particularly soul, and a laughable obsession with shoes. I can't do any cool party tricks like Jake or Brett, but will wow you with my uncanny knowledge about superhero movies. I have the most amazing wife, whom I adore. And not many know, but she was the biggest and most influential person in the decision to start this company. We love weddings, but we love marriage more, and we're going to tell the real story of your wedding day so that it will live on for generations.

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  • Brett Seay  

    Just to clear anything up, yes, my name is Brett and yes, I'm a girl. I'm the Southern one of the bunch, born and raised in Roebuck, South Carolina. Even though my parents named me a boy's name, (after the lead female in a television show), I have to give them credit for fostering my interest in photography. When I was in middle school, they bought me a Nikon film camera that sparked the passion that I would spend the next decade chasing after. In high school, I photographed my art teacher's wedding, and since then, it's all I've known.

    Before Blest, I was managing my own photography company, but after a year of becoming friends with Cole & Ashley, all of us finally realized that we would much rather do this as a team instead of trying to hack away at it by ourselves. And even though I’ve been taking wedding photos since before Cole or Ashley graduated high school, all of us knew that life would be a whole lot more fun pursuing this dream together.

    Some fun facts about me include:
    - My last name is pronounced "SEE" and not "SAY".
    - I'm a coffee snob.
    - I say "bless" a lot, normally as some kind of Southern substitute for a cuss word.
    - I will dance during your reception but I have no rhythm, so I will most definitely be "that girl" on the dance floor.
    - I am not a worsdmith like the 2 other people I work with.

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  • Jake Kiser  

    When other friends growing up looked forward to new video games coming out, my greatest anticipation was waiting for my rolls of film to be developed. Seeing and capturing life has always been a part of me, from the 8th-grade me complaining about my shirtless dad ruining a beach landscape to adult-me watching the sun set and fog roll over San Francisco Bay waiting for that just-perfect-end-of-the-day photograph. Whether it's portraits in Mali or weddings in North Carolina, I love photography for the ability to mix together the way I see the world with the subtle beauties in people to create a lasting and communal memory.

    My hidden talents include being able to work Seinfeld quotes in conversations without others realizing it, solving a Rubik's Cube in under a minute (NO, I DON'T TAKE OFF THE STICKERS), and being able to explain board games really, really well. If I didn't photograph, my dream job would be hosting a late night jazz radio show, or maybe writing questions for Jeopardy.

    I'm in love with life, my wife, Jesus, and a whole lot of other things, and some of my favorite moments are over that last glass of whiskey on a sticky summer night in deep conversation.

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